July 25th: Gin Gin to Childers – 55.8 km

Day 285

Today we encountered yet more angry drivers. They’re not yelling but they just lay on the horn and don’t let off until they’re well past you. I have to believe that many people are angry at the new law which took effect this year that makes it mandatory to give cyclists leeway and are taking it out on us. We’ve even had motorists passing the opposite way giving unfriendly honks as they pass. It’s hard to relax and enjoy cycling when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder. Not surprising that Cher melted down today and wants to take either the train or a bus. I’ve tried to assure her that if they’re honking they see us, but the close flybys are nerve-wracking. Cher has agreed that we will try an alternative route and if it’s still hectic then we will take a bus.


We arrived at the Sugar Bowl Caravan Park in Childer. Even though we paid full price we were parked on the corner of the entrance. With the noise of the highway close by and backpackers returning from work toting boxes of wine and cases of beer for the weekend  we settled in for a good nights rest.