July 26th: Childers to Maryborough – 63 km

Day 286

For the majority of today we had a wide shoulder. But as soon as we enter the hills, where we would need the shoulder, it disappears.  We later entered some hilly territory and the shoulder disappeared. During that short distance none of the 30 or so motorists that passed us gave us a hard time.


Non-existing shoulder


Unreasonably wide shoulder

We stopped at a grocery store on the way into town and a woman told us that we were brave to drive on the same roads as Queensland drivers. She thought this was funny. Although she didn’t laugh very long, perhaps she saw the scowl hidden under our forced smiles.

We toured around Maryborough, a quaint historic little town and eventually settled on staying at Wallace caravan park. Although the price was quite steep at 27 dollars per day it had everything a touring cyclist needs. A well equipped kitchen, complete with new pots and pan, and free wifi and even a usb recharge point at the pool.