July 29th: Maryborough to Gympie – 98 km

Day 289

Having had enough of the highway we took to Old Gympie Road and were treated to gentle climbs and winding slopes through the country side. By the afternoon we were back in cane fields with a slight head wind, that came and went as we wended our way along the back roads. Google maps promised 90 km, but we soon found that some roads were not roads but private driveways and after 98 km we arrived at the designated rest stop.




Although Wiki Camps seemed to indicate we could camp there, we found a no camping sign. If we were in a caravan then we could stay, just no tents. Some towns do this to keep poor backpacker from squatting there. Many times Cher and I wish that people could make a distinction between backpackers and cyclists. We are not hobos living out of a car, we hobos with trikes. Cher’s knee was beginning to giver her some trouble. After a few thousand miles of repetitive motion these things are bound to happen. We moved on to a paid site and were happy to have a hot shower.