July 31st: Rest Day

Day 291

On account of our late start, Cher’s knee, and our general lack of enthusiasm, we stayed another day to rest. I befriended an old woman who was trying to make sense out of the recent loss of her husband. She was quite given to alternative medicine and the mystical. It’s always interesting how people try to make sense out of the world. Prepackaged and purchased answers are never more than placebo at best. However, she was also writing a book as a guide to widowhood and she asked Cher and I read it and to give her some advice. She was already trying to make sense out of her loss through her travels and her book and we weren’t sure what to say. We told her the truth, that she was quite brave to travel alone and to share her painful lessons with others and that her book was sure to help.


Going to sleep that night, without saying a word, we resolved to make it safely to Glasshouse, and we held on just a little longer before falling asleep.