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 Cher grew up in Kunming China, and Chopper Philadelphia PA. Their paths intersected when Cher moved to NYC in 2008 and became Chopper’s flat mate. Together Cher and Chopper fostered a love of adventure and the outdoors. After an 11,0000-mile road trip around the US camping and hiking in over 40 national and state parks, Cher moved to Hong Kong in 2009 and Chopper followed. After more adventures together, they were married. Cher and Chopper are now based out of Hong Kong.

Since they met, Cher and Chopper have learned many of their outdoor skills together through a great amount of reading, Internet research, and trial and error. They were fortunate enough to have survived their mistakes, and have learned how to enjoy the unexpected. Most importantly, they have learned not to overestimate their ability.

Cher and Chopper have been dreaming about extended travel. Above all else they wanted time to see, taste, pause, read, write, photograph and explore at their pace. They decided cycling was the best option. So for the next big adventure, they will be riding their recumbent trikes from Hong Kong, through South East Asia, and finally to New Zealand.

Despite limited recreational and commuting cycling experience, neither of them had any extended touring experience. Luckily Chopper has some experience in building single speed bicycles and basic bicycle maintenance. Also, the route planning and travel preparation have been a long process and steep learning curve.

Along the way, they both hope to learn, enjoy and to share this experience with you.

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