Adventures: noun \əd-ˈven-chər\

  1. What we are doing now: Blog.
  2. Tools used to get there: Gear.
  3. Destinations to shape our travels: Climbing.
  4. The path we have chosen: Route.
  5. Where we’ve been in the past: Stories.
  6. Books and websites that have helped us get there: Resources.

Examples of Adventure:

  • Cher and Chopper went on an adventure, cycling, climbing, exploring and documenting their travels.
  • Having children is an adventure, filled with risk and excitement.


Middle English aventure, chance, risk, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *adventura, from Latin adventus, past participle of advenire to arrive, from ad- + venire to come — more at come

First Known Use: 14th century

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