Where we are now:

    China: Doumen 斗门 to Dongxing 东兴 – 708km


    Cycling in China was both easy and hard. Paved roads are everywhere, and most of the time there are wide shoulders to ride on. Grocery shopping is very easy, every town has at least one supermarket which carries cyclist-friendly goods – oatmeal, milk powder, noodles and various types of vacuum … Read More

    Vietnam: Mon Cai to Cầu Treo – 707km

    Mon Cai to Huu Lung – 248km

    Mon Cai to Huu Lung

    Aiming for our first climbing destination Huu Lung, we started a mountainous yet scenic journey in northern Vietnam after we crossed the border at Mon Cai/Dongxing. It took us 5 days to cover the 248km distance.

    This was probably the easiest section of … Read More

    Laos: Nam Phao Checkpoint to Thakhek – 234km

    Nam Phao International Checkpoint to Vieng Kham Via Route 8 – 131km
    Laos route 8

    Vieng Kham to Thakhek via Route 13 – 103km
    Laos route 13

    Laos is apparently a very popular cycling tour destination. During our short jaunt cycling across Laos, we met the most cyclists since we started the trip. The pristine scenery, … Read More

    Thailand: Nakhon Phanom to Satun – 2,709km


    Thailand is one of the best Southeast Asia countries for cycle touring. Thanks to the thriving tourism industry, the accommodation is cheap and abundant and you can easily find modern conveniences. Plus, who doesn’t like Thai food? Even though some places are a bit touristy, Thailand has a lot to … Read More

    Malaysia: Kuala Perlis to Johor Bahru – 797km


    Cycling in Malaysia was not the most exciting experience for us. Scenery was not the most stunning, food was not the most delicious, local people were lukewarm and the roads were not inspiring. When we found ourselves far away from the tourist crowds, all the cheap accommodations were gone too. … Read More

    Indonesia: Batam, Java, Bali and Lombok – 870 km

    Batam: Batam Center to Sekupang Ferry – 21km

    Java: Jakarta to Purwokerto – 419 km

    Bali: Gilimanuk to Padangbai – 260 km

    Lombok: Lembar to Bangsal – 118 km

    Indonesia is a gorgeous country with great culture diversity and stunning unspoiled tropical sceneries. The Indonesian people are outgoing, generous and … Read More

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