ICE Sprint Full Suspension Folding Trike

Quantity: 2 ( 1 black, 1 red )

We have found the trikes to be well built and durable, ( I’ve crashed twice with only superficial damage ). Other brands have similar features but only ICE had them all in one trike. As a bonus, the ICE team gives personal attention and quickly answered all of our questions before and after buying our trikes. They have also worked hard to find solutions to any requests we’ve made.


The ICE Sprint folding trike is the ultimate fusion of sporting performance and long-distance comfort. With a mid-height seating position and ICE’s renowned handling the Sprint is a trike which has to be explored. All Sprint models are available with an X-type upgrade, giving race-specification components.

  • Compared to non-folding trikes, our ICE folding trikes fold in half and can easily be loaded into the backs of cabs and checked as airline baggage (though considered over-sized luggage). They can also be folded to store in our 350 sq. ft apartment; otherwise we would have had to get rid of our couch. 
  • Comfort. You will have time to enjoy the view and breeze without whining about your saddle sore.
  • Easy to ride with luggage. No need to worry about balance when you trike is heavily loaded with touring necessities, even on a steep uphill. 
  • ICE team provides excellent service and after-sale support. You will be able to customize a trike to meet your needs. 
  • Heavy. Our trikes weigh about 40 pounds each, without loaded panniers. 
  • Inconvenient to travel with on other means of transportation. You will need a extra large luggage bag to carry it around. It's considered over-sized luggage if you plan to take a flight or ferry with it. On crowded subway or buses? Don't even think about it. 
  • Pricy.  For the price of one fully loaded folding trike with suspension, mudguards, and luggage racks, you could buy two top of the line touring bikes.