Byer Moskito Traveller Hammock

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Hammocks are ideal for stealth camping. All you need is a couple of trees. This cheap yet durable hammock with build-in mosquito net has proven to be surprisingly comfortable. Your back stays flat if you lie diagonally. Since we have our climbing gear with us, it is very easy to set the hammocks up with carabiners and slings. In combination with our Kelty Noah's Tarp, the shelter solution is very affordable yet versatile. 


  • Fine mesh is supported by shockcord to keep it up and off your face and body; bottom is made of extremely strong and durable parachute nylon
  • If protective mesh is not needed, simply turn the hammock over and enjoy the Moskito as a regular Traveller
  • Attached storage bag doubles as a handy pouch for a flashlight, keys and more

This hammock hangs loosely and deep in the center, designed for you to lie diagonally, ''the Brazilian way.'' Your back stays straight and you can relax, sleep and dream for hours in ultimate comfort.

  • The build-in mosquito net is a life safer. 
  • Lightweight and pack down well. 
  • Easy to set up.
  • Cheap but relatively well-built. 
  • Need to be very careful with the mosquito net to avoid tears.
  • Pay close attention to the trees where you will hang the hammock, check for snakes before set it up.
  • Avoid using hammocks in bear country, as you look like a bag of treat for bears to snack on.

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