Huu Lung Climbing


From the main highway AH1, the turn-off to a secondary dirt road is at the milestone 63 (from Ha Noi to Lang Son direction).  Follow the sign for “Yen Thinh” on the dirt road for 8km. 200 meters before the crag, there is a deserted gas station on the right. You will find the crag on your left, behind a group of houses and an orchid.



It is possible to find “homestays” at villages near the crag, since locals are very open and hospitable. However, it is better to settle in one of the hotels along AH1 first before venturing into the local villages. There several hotels near Huu Lung town on AH1, roughly 12km away from the crag. We recommend Lam Son Hotel – friendly host, clean beds, hot shower, and free WiFi.


You can get food and basic groceries from Huu Lung town, and there is a market near the ATM. However, most of the restaurants are not open for dinner, except the ones on AH1 near the hotels.


There is no motorbike rental in the area. You will find plenty taxi ads posted in the hotels and a ride to the crag should not cost more than 100,000VND.

Land Access:

The orchid owner will ask for a land access fee. After some hard negotiations, the land lady agreed on 25,000VND per person per day, which is much better than her original proposal – 200,000VND per day.

Just go ahead and climb when you arrive. The land lady will always show up to collect the fee.