Thakhek Climbing


The quickest way to get to Thakhek is flying into Bangkok, then transfer to the nearest airport in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. There are buses running frequently from Nakhon Phanom to Thakhek. Once you are in Thakhek, it’s only a 20 minutes tuktuk ride to Green Climber’s Home.

Flying into Vientiane is also an option, followed by a 6-hour bus ride to Thakhek. It’s a great way to explore Laos a little bit more, because once you are in the secluded Green Climber’s Home, you will no longer feel like you are in Laos.

If you are cycling, make sure to stay on major road (route 12 and 13) and the paved roads offer great scenery. We ventured onto route 1E coming from Lak Sao, it was as bad as riding on the Moon surface.


Best Time to Visit:

First of all, avoid the wet season. Not only because it’s wet and hot, also the climbing area can be flooded and Green Climber’s Home closed during the rainy season. Secondly, avoid visiting during Christmas and New Year. The max capacity of Green Climber’s Home is around 50 to 60 people, and during the peak season the camp is easily filled up.

The best thing to do is plan ahead, and email or to make a reservation. From October to mid December, January to March, you will have the crags almost to yourself and the best climbing weather.

  • Green Climber’s Home: Best food and beverages in town at a reasonable price. The airy dining hall is a great place to hang out and meet other climbers. If you don’t mind climbing being the dominate theme of your life, Green Climber’s Home is the place to be. The bungalows, dorms and rental tents may require reservation in advance, but you can always walk in with your own tent (only 20 Kip per person per day). They do have a max 50 to 60 guests capacity since all groceries need to be brought in from town, so check with Uli or Tanja beforehand if possible. The drawback for being so close to the crags is seclusion – no  WiFi, limited cell phone signal, and before long you can recite the entire menu.


  • Travel Lodge and Inthira Hotel: Free WiFi, English menu and English speaking staff. Close to the morning/evening markets and local eateries. The drawback is the time and money spent on commute back and forth. The room rates are higher than local guesthouses and hotels.
  • Local guesthouses and hotels: Standard Laos rooms – clean and basic. We stayed in Mekong Hotel just by the Mekong River, for only 100 Kip we got a big room and free WiFi.
Favorite Routes:
  • Mr. Ku  6c+:  Technical and sustained climb.
  • Du Lutscher  6c:  Also technical, thin at the first crux.
  • Sound of Music  7a:  Easy for the grade, with a long bouldery finish and thin top out. Well protected.
  • Full Metal Jacket  6a:  Smoothest big jugs you can ever imagine.
  • Party Pooper  5c+:  Tufas and stalactites hopping. A real 3D climb.
  • Chinese New Year multipitch  5b 5c+ 6b 5b:  The 6b is the best pitch. The last pitch is for the brave since the bolts are far apart and the rock is brittle and sharp. However it takes you to the very top with a great view of the valley.

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