SteriPEN Classic

The main reason for using a SeriPEN water purifier is rather environmental concern - imagine how many plastic bottles 2 of us would have consumed over the course of 1 month. Also, it's an insurance that wherever there is water source, we will have safe water to drink. We had a generally good experience with the older version of SteriPEN Adventurer purifier. However, the UV lamp on the older version Adventurer had shorter life span and eventually it became unreliable after several months of intensive use. Another lesson we learned from using SteriPEN is always use a back up measure for your water treatment, as the batteries may die, or the light bulb may malfunction, or the water may be murky.


Weight (grams)156
Dimensions7.6'|19.3cm (L) X 1.5'|3.8cm (W) X 1.5'|3.8cm (H)
Battery TypeAA Lithium
Batteries Included In Purchase?No
Battery LifeLithium Disposable: 200 treatments (16oz./0.5L), NiMH: 200 treatments; Alkaline & NiCd not recommended.
UV Lamp Life8,000 Treatments
Minimum Bottle Diameter20mm (0.8 inches)
Filter CompatibilityTapered End (PreFilter and FitsAll)
  • With the addition of the pre-filter, you can remove particulates from the water using a 40X40 micron size nylon mesh filter
  • Longer life span of the UV lamp
  • Excellent for treating tap water 
  • the tapered end provides a snug fit with water bottles, and with the SteriPEN Fits All Filter, works even with wide-mouth water bottles
  • Unreliable. It's really picky about the batteries and your botton pushing skills
  • There is really no way to tell if the water has been treated properly
  • If the water doesn't have enough mineral, i.e. melting snow/ice, for the water sensor to trace the small electrical current to turn on the UV lamp, add a pinch of salt to solve the problem. 
  • Don't treat any liquid other than water with SteriPEN. The UV light is not effective in soda, iced tea or fruit juice.